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About Milton John

The story about Milton John stars about 25 years ago.

Founder of Milton John is Rickard Lyrsell, born and raised in Sweden, Stockholm.

Rickard´s grandfathers name was John Lyrsell and he lived in Dalarna with Rickards grandmother Nonni Lyrsell.


They always dressed in a suit or dress regardless if they went to the food court or to a party.

John told Rickard – If you dress well, you feel well. Regardless the situation.

And was the inspiration to create Milton John – An extra touch to your everyday wardrobe.


The other name in Milton John is Milton, he is Rickard´s son. When he was born, the world changed and Rickard got a new light in life to create something to pass forward to Milton when he grow up.

Rickard Lyrsell

Founder of Milton John AB


Öregrundsgatan 10

115 59 Stockholm